Social distancing and running outdoors- my anecdotal tips

In light of the current global COVID-19 pandemic, the UK government has put in place strict measures limiting many aspects of daily life, including the time we spend outdoors, the people we see, the space we give each other and the ways in which we exercise, shop, work and travel. This blog post is written to provide some anecdotal tips regarding social distancing when participating in your ONE exercise per day, from avoiding space invaders to quitting the spitting. All discussion is relevant to the current state of play in the UK at the time of publish on the 1 April at 7pm. Please continue to check the government advice and stay abreast of any changes, practice safe and sensible exercise and use your common sense. We are all in this together and have a collective responsibility to practice safe and responsible exercising … More Social distancing and running outdoors- my anecdotal tips