10 reasons to try your first running holiday

I am really excited to be travelling to the South of France this summer as I have been gifted a place with Albera Travels. I can’t wait for mountains, fresh air, sunshine and good food. A running holiday is truly a great way to escape, enjoy some time training and forget about work, anxiety or stresses of daily life. Even though you spend a lot of time being active you come back feeling more refreshed and revitalised. I honestly recommend everyone tries some form of active travel or active holiday at some point! So here are my top 10 reasons to try your first running holiday….. … More 10 reasons to try your first running holiday

2019: goals, dreams and events

2019 is my third year of running, but like 2018 I’m being brave and mixing things up with some more cycling and swimming, so this year is all about the year of the triathlon for me and London Triathlon in August is my big race of the year which I am so excited about! On top of that I also have Liverpool Marathon, Ride London 100 and London Duathlon so lots of longer distances and fun with the bikes … More 2019: goals, dreams and events

Have a go (even if you don’t think you’re hard enough)

There is more to life than running. Did I REALLY just type that?! Yes! Because it is true there are MILLIONS of other sports out there and it is always good to try something new. Running has given me so much: stress relief, happiness, friendship and memories to last a lifetime. It has given me … More Have a go (even if you don’t think you’re hard enough)

Hackney half race recap

If you’re looking for a large, well organised half marathon in central London with an excellent goodie bag and fantastic crowd support then Hackney half is the one for you! This was my furthest run since the London Marathon and I wasn’t quite feeling ready to go it solo and try challenge my pre-London half marathon PB time. Instead I opted to run it with Livvy @thenutritiousrunner on a mission to smash her half marathon PB and attempt to break the two hour barrier. … More Hackney half race recap

From obese to marathoner- my story from 0 to 26.2miles

I never thought I could run a marathon. Ten years battling obesity, negative body image and low self esteem, I had decisively written off those 26.2miles. They weren’t destined for me, and the dreams I had as a child whilst watching the London Marathon, would only ever be dreams. Assuming I would never rise to such a challenge, I decided I would forever be an average at best 10km runner. But then something changed, and within one year I went from never having run further than 10km to training for my first ever marathon, and what better way to start than with the London Marathon. This is a frank and honest account of how I went from 0 to 26.2miles, the ups and downs of marathon training and why you should never give up on your dreams. … More From obese to marathoner- my story from 0 to 26.2miles