Flourless pancakes- crepes vs American style

I’m a pancake lover. I think they’re great, and they are definitely not just for pancake day! I’ve been getting some real envy seeing everyones’ totally instagrammable towers of yumminess, especially since flour is in such short supply at the moment. But fear not, I’ve been back doing some kitchen experimenting and have two flourless pancake recipes to share. They’re great for those of you who don’t want to use flour, can’t consume flour or are finding it impossible to find flour. … More Flourless pancakes- crepes vs American style

Easter Flapjack Nests

Happy Easter weekend! and happy long bank holiday weekend. These flapjack nests are a great way to bake at home this weekend as they’re Easter themed and don’t need eggs or flour, which are currently in short supply. This recipe is simple to follow, and difficult to mess up, but needs a little more time as you have to let the flapjacks cool, perfect for a weekend baking day. … More Easter Flapjack Nests

Yummy 5 ingredient flapjack

My life has descended into a curious trial of how many things I can prepare using porridge oats (which we seem to have accumulated in abundance over the previous 6 months). I’ve trialled and tested a few recipes and this one has become my firm favourite, and the best thing is it offers a slight degree of flexibility based on what is in your cupboards. So I present to you, the cupboard flapjacks … More Yummy 5 ingredient flapjack

No eggs, no flour, no problem- cupboard oatmeal, raisin and dark chocolate cookies

In an effort to stay sane, pass the time and use what we have in our cupboards I’ve been thinking about fun recipes that use simple products- products that there is a high chance we will have in our cupboards. I have run out of eggs and flour, which means my cookery skills are severely limited (that combined with the fact that 99.9% of the time I’m a rubbish baker). So I thought it was time to get experimenting. One firm favourite of mine is an oatmeal raisin cookie, so I had a go at making these with what I had at home- think of it as a science experiment. Whilst these aren’t going to win any awards anytime soon, this is a recipe that uses a bare minimum of products. I present to you, my oatmeal, raisin and (optional) dark chocolate cookies. … More No eggs, no flour, no problem- cupboard oatmeal, raisin and dark chocolate cookies