Ironman Virtual Race Club: VR3

I’ve decided that it’s time to start stepping out of my comfort zone in the comfort of my own home and I’ll be pushing myself to take on a different challenge each weekend during the lockdown period. This weekend was my first experience of the Ironman Virtual Racing Series and a steep learning curve in balcony running, turbo transitions and mastering multiple bits of tech (which I am useless at)! … More Ironman Virtual Race Club: VR3

What the lockdown period has taught me about exercise

We’re currently undergoing a lockdown period in the UK to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19 and it’s more important than ever that we stay home. But one privilege we have been granted is the freedom to exercise once per day outside our homes.  Before this, I had been deep in preparations for my first half Ironman in June. With my race now cancelled, I decided to explore what has training taught me and what I am learning from the lockdown period?  … More What the lockdown period has taught me about exercise