Fuelling your summer training and adventures

As warmer weather approaches fuelling becomes an even more critical part of our running and sporting lives. It is important to ensure we are still maintain an adequate supply of carbohydrates to fuel our summer training adventures and stay hydrated too. With this in mind, I have teamed up with NHS Dietitian and good friend Livvy Mason to share some of her top summer nutrition tips. … More Fuelling your summer training and adventures

My Top Picks: Women’s Cycling Jerseys

When I first started cycling I wasn’t fond of jerseys (or shorts) at all. Cycling jerseys are technical garments preferred by many cyclists due to their lightweight and cooling properties, as well as being a comfortable fit when leaning forward on the bike. When purchasing a jersey, the sizing can be a little confusing, there are lots of brands out there and different styles to chose from. The right jersey can be comfortable, practical and make you look and feel great. So here are my top picks and tips. … More My Top Picks: Women’s Cycling Jerseys

Money Saving Tips for Tri

Multi-sport events and triathlons are a fantastic way to up your fitness levels, vary your training and learn/perfect different skills. But they aren’t always the kindest to your bank balance and when I first started I was shocked costing everything up. However fear not, there certainly are work arounds to help save some pennies, break down barriers into multi-sports, after all who doesn’t love a bargain?
More Money Saving Tips for Tri

On yer bike… my top Ride London tips for newbies

So this week there’s been a flurry of excitement around Ride London with ballot results being announced and magazines dropping onto people’s doorsteps. When this happened to me in 2018 I was a bag of nerves, I’d completely forgotten I had entered and just didn’t know what to do or where to begin. So for all you newbies, feeling slightly apprehensive about your ballot place, here are my top tips based on what you told me on Instagram you wanted to know. Hopefully this makes the thought of those 100miles and all the training that goes with it seem a little less daunting. If there’s anything else you want to know, pop it in the comments below…. … More On yer bike… my top Ride London tips for newbies

Have a go (even if you don’t think you’re hard enough)

There is more to life than running. Did I REALLY just type that?! Yes! Because it is true there are MILLIONS of other sports out there and it is always good to try something new. Running has given me so much: stress relief, happiness, friendship and memories to last a lifetime. It has given me … More Have a go (even if you don’t think you’re hard enough)