Some running ‘session’ terminology explained

Whether you’re new to running or a more seasoned runner, the idea of running sessions and the terminology around these can be a little alien and often somewhat confusing. From tempo runs to strides, to base runs to jeffing- there is a lot of jargon out there and navigating through it is sometimes a little baffling. There is nothing scary about ‘sessions’ and they aren’t something reserved for elite or ‘fast’ runners, we can all do them and we can all benefit from them- they are simply a way of categorising runs within your training based on their purpose, intensity or duration. One of the biggest advantages of doing different running sessions is the variety it can bring to your running. This in turn helps you develop as a runner, strengthens your cardiovascular system and muscles, avoids repetition- which can keep boredom and injuries at bay and gives you a chance to find what aspects of running you enjoy. Whether you do or don’t embrace a variety of running techniques, it doesn’t determine your ‘worth’ as a runner- remember we are all runners no matter how far or fast. But if you’re curious, read on- at least then you’ll be able to hear the word fartlek and not uncontrollably laugh. … More Some running ‘session’ terminology explained

Timesaving hacks when juggling a hectic training schedule

One thing I’m frequently asked is how I balance training for multisports- so swimming, cycling, running, strength training and finding time to rehab, alongside working a 40 hour week, commuting (pre-COVID) and being a functioning human being. The answer is training smart, but also checking in on yourself and making sure that whilst you may be trying to cram it all in, you’re realistic and remember to give yourself a break. Here are some timesaving hacks and essential things to consider when trying to juggle a hectic training schedule … More Timesaving hacks when juggling a hectic training schedule

Top tips for new runners

2020 has seen a boom in people taking up running- largely due to periodic lockdowns and closures to gyms and fitness classes. Running has many excellent health benefits, both physical and mental. Physically, running can improve your cardio-vascular fitness, strengthen muscles, help maintain a healthy weight and also build strong bones. Running also helps improve our mental health, and for many is used as a way to de-stress, experience nature and the great outdoors and provide resilient coping mechanisms which are vital during this uncertain period. But where on earth do you begin? Especially when usual entry networks such as parkrun and running clubs are suspended? Here are my top tips for newbie runners … More Top tips for new runners

5 ways in which time outdoors can improve mental wellbeing

The benefits of exercising or spending time outdoors are apparent in a wide range of literature and pages on the internet, but why is being outside associated with wellbeing? Exposure to greenspace can promote reduced risks of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, but greenspaces are becoming increasingly associated with mental health benefits and advantages to our greater wellbeing. Here I share 5 ways in which time outdoors can improve mental wellbeing. Please note this is a discussion piece and not here to replace advice from medical professionals. … More 5 ways in which time outdoors can improve mental wellbeing

Top Tips: how to gain confidence when cycling

Gaining confidence on your bike not only helps your performance, but means you’ll be a safer and happier cyclist. However, confidence doesn’t come overnight and the process of building, losing and regaining confidence can be a frustrating journey for many. My journey to becoming a more accomplished and relaxed cyclist has certainly had a few bumps in the road (bumps can be scary!) and I’m not 100% where I want to be yet, but here are some of the things I’ve found useful along the way. … More Top Tips: how to gain confidence when cycling

Safety tips for winter running

Winter running throws up many challenges, gone are the long summer days and for many this means training after dark. Sometimes I feel frustrated that I have to think about (or in this case write) about staying safe when running in the dark, we should be able to run and be safe, but the sad reality is that safety is paramount, especially as the days get shorter. This winter will bring extra challenges of balancing social distancing and safety. So if you’re already thinking ahead to winter running here are some of my top tips … More Safety tips for winter running

Trail Running in and around London

Trail running in London- I kid you not. Moving to or visiting London doesn’t mean you have to hang your trail shoes up. Beyond the concrete jungle, London has some excellent Green Spaces, leading it to become the world’s first National Park City in July 2019. When I first arrived here in 2017 as a northern girl who had grown up surrounded by countryside, I found a city with much more to offer than just high-rise buildings, and what’s more the greater London and South East area have some fantastic spots where you can dig out your trail shoes and get your green space fix. Here are some of my absolute favourite city trails and beyond. … More Trail Running in and around London

Swimming and the City: Open Water Swimming in London and beyond

Open water swimming is one of my favourite activities, and somewhat surprisingly London certainly has a lot of venues on offer. From Central London to further out into the greater London (and beyond) area there are a range of swim centres, some open all year round for you to get your cold, open water fix. Here are some of my favourites to help inspire you to get out there and test the water. … More Swimming and the City: Open Water Swimming in London and beyond

My Top Picks: Women’s Tri Suits

A triathlon suit or tri-suit is a multi-purpose piece of kit specifically designed for multi-sports. It has a material ideal for swimming, a small fitted chamois for cycling (wear it like cycling shorts without underwear) and is comfortable and versatile enough to run in. You can get tri-suits in short or longer sleeve versions, or even opt for two piece kits if the all in one look isn’t for you. So if you’re looking at investing in your first tri-suit or want some inspiration for your next purchase, i’ve rounded up my favourite tri-suits in this latest blog. … More My Top Picks: Women’s Tri Suits