About Me


Hi I’m Becca and I’m the voice and content creator behind This Bunny Runs.

Battling obesity throughout my teenage years left me lacking self-confidence, unmotivated and unhappy. At 19 years old I tipped the scales at just over 15 stone, unable to run more than 50 yards and crippled with insecurity. I thought this was just something I had to accept and I was destined to look and feel this way forever.

I’m not 100% sure what changed, I didn’t wake up one morning and suddenly become a fitness bunny- it was a long journey. Seeing photos from our last week at University made me cringe, at this point I was at my largest and I barely recognised myself. It kicked me into gear and I made the decision to overhaul my unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle and seek to be more active.


Fast forward seven years…..a third of my bodyweight gone and a whole new outlook on life. I now enjoy all the things I would never have been able to do during my teens- from running through a snow covered Central Park to learning to surf in Australia. Fitness has become a major part of my life, and being active kept me sane whilst studying for my doctorate in Environmental Science. I’m now a major advocate of a healthy and happy life style and love being an active part of the fitness community. In 2013 I became a ZIN registered Zumba instructor, whilst in 2017 I was selected for the ASICS FrontRunner UK and Ireland team. I am SO happy to have been bitten by the fitness bug.

My biggest challenges to date include completing the London Classics (London Marathon, Ride London 100mile cycle and Swim Serpentine two mile swim) in five months; Dublin Marathon and London Duathlon. In 2019 I’m focusing on a big marathon challenge and attempting my first triathlon. I live by the mantra of: don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.

My dream is that through This Bunny Runs I can encourage and inspire others to embrace fitness, whether that means attending a Zumba class, completing a Parkrun or simply getting out there and going for a walk. My aim is to give an honest account of how losing weight and finding fitness has changed my life- both physically and mentally. I hope to not only spread my love of running and fitness but also share my journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

With a little self belief, a sprinkle of sweat and a huge dose of DETERMINATION anything is possible.

From obese to running beast….

Lots of bunny love

Becca xxx

p.s. Join me on Instagram @thisbunnyruns