Uploading your Garmin runs to Strava in 5 easy steps (Windows and macOS)

Garmin users worldwide are facing the existential crisis of, ‘if it’s not on Strava did it really happen?’ (yes of course it did!) as the popular Garmin Connect interface has been down for maintenance since late last week. Whilst many of us will be satisfied with checking stats on the watch itself (or not checking at all) for the Strava junkies here are 5 easy steps for manually uploading data without Garmin Connect.

1. Connect your Garmin to your computer using the USB cable

2. Open Strava on your internet browser, select the + icon next to your login and then upload activity


3. This will take you to your documents.

On Windows select your Garmin in the left hand panel and navigate to the activities folder.

garmin folder

on macOS for Apple users your Garmin will show up under locations


4. Using the dates listed in the date modified column (e.g. 23 July onwards) select the activity you wish to add (repeat multiple times if you have multiple uploads). The dates might not appear in the order you expect so don’t panic if you can’t find your activity immediately.

5. Strava will do the rest, it automatically knows the sport (run/ride/swim etc) all you have to do is click share. The delve into the stats or gloat about your epic activity.