2019: goals, dreams and events

2019 is my third year of running, but like 2018 I’m being brave and mixing things up with some more cycling and swimming, so this year is all about the year of the triathlon for me and London Triathlon in August is my big race of the year which I am so excited about! On top of that I also have Liverpool Marathon, Ride London 100 and London Duathlon so lots of longer distances and fun with the bikes. Goals for 2019 are:

10km PB: I reeeeeeeaaaalllllyyyyyyy want to break into the 46 minute mark this year. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a renewal of any love for the 10km distance, but it is the distance I’ve used to track my progress for 3 years now, so it feels logical to use this as a benchmark for my running.

Parkrun milestones: in 2017 I hit my 50 parkrun milestone, this year I am keen to reach 100 parkruns (currently on 79 as I write this, so predicting this should hopefully happen sometime in Summer). I also want to reach my 25 volunteer milestone and to be honest I’m a little ashamed I haven’t reached this sooner! I’d also like to parkrun in more locations and explore more around London, as so far I’ve been really unadventurous!

Dry January: yup I’m in for dry January through the #OYNB 28 day challenge. I used to be an avid dry January fan, but since moving to London haven’t given it a go. I’m keen to run better and feel better and think that kicking the booze for at least a month (and who knows maybe longer) will help my energy levels and bank balance

My first triathlon: this is possibly the most exciting thing I have planned for 2019 and even better that London Triathlon is on my home turf. I’m apprehensive and a little bit scared about going straight in at the full Olympic distance, but one thing 2018 taught me is you never know if you don’t try (or tri!) so I’m ready to commit to training and have a whole new adventure. I’m also really looking forward to trying more duathlons and aquathlons

Sub 4 hour marathon: this is an unfinished business kind of goal. I’ve found the marathon the most frustrating distance that I just haven’t given my all to yet. For London I trained religiously, I was so ready, but the weather on the day threw all plans out of kilter. For Dublin I had an injury/illness plagued build up and despite feeling under prepared and totally overwhelmed by the hills (the first 10 miles of Dublin is uphill) I came away with a 14 minute PB. My half marathon time is 1:43, but I just can’t seem to convert this strength or bravery to the marathon and I really want a shot at the time I know I have in me. Maybe it’ll happen at Liverpool, maybe it’ll happen sooner, all I know is I want it and I’m prepared to work for it.

Run 1000 miles in 2019: I like nice rounded numbers, but I also want to aim for a mileage I know is achievable and I don’t feel a slave to. 1000 miles seems nice, and I ran 750 miles in 2018 so it’s a big, but attainable dream.

Complete Ride London: and hopefully not get drenched this time too. Please be kind weather!

Do more trail running: I’m so excited to be heading to the South of France with Albera Expeditions in June for a trail running adventure. I definitely want to become stronger on the trails so I can enjoy my time out there, but also because the trails are a great way to de-stress and add variety to training.

Events Calendar:

January: Nothing J Recover from illness and come back stronger

February: some half marathon pacing and Mad Dog 10k (aka my favourite race of the year!)

March: Exploring America and the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle

April: Potentially some Spring Marathon Plans

May: Liverpool Marathon

June: Exploring the Pyrenees with Albera Expeditions

July: London Triathlon

August: Ride London 100

September: London Duathlon

October: Maybe take a break (hahahahaha)

November: Who knows?!

December: Rest and eat turkey

6 thoughts on “2019: goals, dreams and events

  1. I’d like to run a sub 3.30 Mara this year (once i find my running mojo again!) as well improve my 5km time.
    Looking forward to reading your updates 🙂


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