Kickstarting my marathon training with #teamDEEBOTUK

When I began training for the London Marathon I felt carried along in a hype of people training for a plethora of spring marathons including London, Manchester, Paris, Liverpool and Brighton. The weather was bad, but I got it done. However, approaching my training for Dublin Marathon has felt so much different. I’ve enjoyed the long hot British Summer this year and spent a great deal of time out on the bike, so motivating myself to get back into gear with marathon training hasn’t been easy.


Luckily I recently joined #teamDEEBOTUK as part of the #Road2IFA virtual fitness challenge hosted by ECOVACS (AD). This is a free to enter virtual challenge with teams from the UK, Germany, France and Spain all logging mileage to cover the distance from Dusseldorf (ECOVACS European headquarters) to Berlin, where the IFA technology show will be held- in total 529km. You can run, swim or cycle! The winning team is in with a chance to win a DEEBOT OZMO 930- I already have one of these and can’t stress enough how easy it has made our lives. Having a rabbit means rabbit hair everywhere, so I just set the DEEBOT and go for a run. The house basically cleans itself- winner.

So the thought of adding mileage to the #teamDEEBOTUK challenge is what has been inspiring me to get out of the door and get the long runs in. It is great to see others have been doing the same, and a massive congratulations to Esther who managed her longest ever run, Faisal who has been smashing out the miles, Jon who is representing us Brits out in Barcelona and Sam from team Southport! Amongst all the others who have been adding to our mileage.

deebot uk

However #teamDEEBOTUK needs YOU as we are currently being thrashed by Germany. We have just surpassed the magic 529km but I want us to go even further!!!

So how to you get involved?! IT IS SIMPLE. Just go for a run, swim or cycle, add a post with the mileage on and just add #Road2IFA and #TeamDEEBOTUK to your hashtags, the ECOVACS team will then add that mileage to our total! You can check out the Instagram posts via the hashtags. So far a grand total of 11,573km has been run! LETS GET MOVING, MOTIVATING AND INSPIRING and show the world just what the UK running community is about!!!

More info and to track the DEEBOT can be found on the website

Any questions, contact me! But for now I’m off out on another marathon training run!!!

deebot uk distance

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