Product review: affordable safety with the B’twin 500 Women’s helmet

When I first started cycling I was shocked by how many cyclists don’t wear helmets. I personally think a helmet is essential, and the science would agree, a 2016 study of 64,000 cyclists globally found that cyclists who wear helmets reduce their chance of a fatal head injury by 65% (Guardian, 2016). However, despite this, the highway code in the UK only suggests cyclists wear a helmet, rather than enforce it.

Safety does come with a price tag, and for many this may be the reason they opt not to wear a helmet. I have previously highlighted that I’ve found many barriers when getting into cycling linked to the cost of kit and equipment, and I really hoped this wouldn’t apply to something as crucial for your safety as a helmet- but sadly it does. Whilst price may reflect quality, most helmets sold in stores conform to a standard or European norm (EN).

Before I begin i must stress that this was a gifted product for me to test, however all thoughts are my own. When I was tasked with reviewing the B’Twin 500 mountain biking helmet  I was pleased to see a helmet on the market with a budget pricetag of £17.99- this lower cost hopefully makes safety more accessible (complies with EN 1078 safety standard). Simply looking at online reviews offers an indication of the popularity of the 500 mountain biking helmet- rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 1215 reviews, 777 of which are a five star review. The helmet also has a two year guarantee, although I would recommend changing your helmet if it experiences any wear and tear, damage or a knock.

The helmet features 21 vents which was extremely useful whilst training for Ride London during summer. I used the helmet for rides during 30+ degree temperatures and didn’t once find my head felt hot- in fact it kinda didn’t cross my mind that my head might feel hot! The helmet fits well, with removable foam pads and a wheel to adjust the fit to your head. It feels really light and secure thanks to the 3D tightening system, which is useful as I have quite thick hair and the way the helmet feels on my head depends on my hair style. The straps are comfortable and do not rub or restrict your neck movement.


So why did I choose a mountain bike helmet for road cycling? Well firstly I was really attracted by the design. I loved the bright colours of the helmet, not only aesthetically but I feel it makes the helmet more distinct and help improve visibility when cycling on the roads or in shared spaces. Additionally I was drawn to the brim of the helmet, as I thought it would shelter my face from sun/rain which it certainly has.

I think it is excellent that Decathlon offer a budget, highly recommended, comfortable and attractive helmet to make safety accessible to all who choose to cycle.

As stated above I was tasked with reviewing this helmet if I liked it as part of the Decathlon Bloggers community. I was given the helmet, but all views are my own.

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