JayBird RUN headphones review

I rely on music when running and in the gym. I love nothing more than using a playlist to motivate myself. However, headphone wires often prove restrictive, I constantly find myself tangled in the wires when running, and functional movements in the gym are near impossible when you’re tethered to your phone or ipod.


I was so grateful to receive a pair of Jaybird Run headphones. These small wirefree in ear headphones boast to offer a secure fit, with custom sound and are sweat proof to allow you to make the most of your workout.  I had heard incredible things about the Jaybird sport range and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

Secure fit
I never thought in ear headphones would fit me, as I seem to struggle to keep regular headphones in. However I was instantly surprised when I put these in and they fit straight away. The set does come with a variety of earbud sizes to help ensure you find one that fits, however I was really lucky that I didn’t need to make any changes. What is even better is they stay in. I’ve run 15 mile long runs with these, shorter spring sessions, they have survived burpees (and believe me using music makes burpees better) and I use them during weight sessions. They really do stay put and feel comfortable. My one top tip would be that once they are in don’t mess with them too much, just let them settle in your ear and you’ll soon adjust to wearing them, and almost forget you are wearing them. At first I stressed a lot that they were going to fall out and kept messing with them, checking they were in- the idea of wireless headphones was just so alien to me. But trust me, they won’t fall out if you’ve picked the right earbud size, just pop them in and get on with your workout.


 Sweat proof
I can 100% promise you these are sweat proof. As a mingingly sweaty person with thick hair and a love of really pushing it in my workouts these have survived a lot of sweat. Which is good as I always want to work harder when listening to music. I’ve also poured a bottle of water over my head when I forgot I had these in and they survived (although I wouldn’t recommend it!)

Custom sound
The sound clarity is astonishing and really exceeded all my expectations. My boyfriend has a pair of Bose headphones and we both agreed that the sound quality is identical, if not a little better. Not having a wire does not compromise the quality at all. I also love that the headphones are split, meaning different parts of each song filter through each headphone differently. My top tip is to keep the volume low. As well as offering excellent sound quality these do cancel quite a bit of noise around you which took me a while to get used to. For safety and to save my ears I keep the volume low, you still have amazing sound quality with a low volume. This also means I can listen to music on the tube without worrying about everyone else having to listen to it (I mean do you really want to hear my cheesy 90s bangers during the 7:30am sardine style rush hour?). For safety on busy roads when running I will run with just one headphone in, the sound quality is excellent. When I have a tough gym session I pop both in and really get in the zone.


4 hour play time
These have a genius way of charging. You store them in a little pill shaped box and then charge the box. Take them in and out as you please and once you pop them back in the box after your run the box charges them. I find this so handy as it means I have a place to store the headphones so they don’t get lost. You can also charge them on the go using the pre-charged box, which is perfect for my 24 hour race coming up! Once connected to your phone they also show the charge levels so you never get caught out.


Overall I really rate these headphones, they’re lightweight, easy to use, and competitively priced (retailing at around £160). They’re as simple as you like. You can adjust the fit easily and if you’re more of a tecchie you can download an app which lets you alter the sound and performance. For me they work like a dream to shove in and just go running. They have given me so much more freedom to be able to listen to music in the gym and when running and doing drills/cool down stretches. I can fully see why people rave about these, they certainly lived up to the hype.