Nailing my London Marathon preparation

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my obsession with nail art. From bunnies to wonder woman themed nails, I’ve had some crazy nail designs. As soon as I knew I would be running the London Marathon I started thinking about getting my hands on THAT medal, and for me that included a crazy marathon themed manicure.


Up until September 2016 I was a serial nail biter. My PhD left me such a nervous wreck I basically had no nails left when I finally handed my thesis in, however I was recommended an amazing nail technician and treated my teeny tiny nails to a gel manicure. Since that day I’ve never looked back. I was desperate to keep the gel manicure looking tidy so refrained from biting my nails. The longer they got the more experimental I became with the nail art.

I made monthly visits to Sam at Alchemy Beauty, a gorgeous home beauty room in the heart of Southport close to my parents’ home. When I moved to London I never found another nail technician that even came close to offering the crazy designs Sam has created. As soon as I started planning for the marathon, I began thinking about preparing for the big day. Some people dream of their wedding nails, I dreamed of my marathon nails. Because for me. this is more than a manicure, this is a representation of the physical strength it has taken to train for a marathon, and the mental strength to beat my anxiety and stop biting my nails. There was only ever going to be one person I would trust with this task, and so I made the 500 mile round trip to visit Sam at Alchemy Beauty, an appointment I was really looking forward to (and I got to spend lots of time with my parents and Ruby the german shepherd too).

Sam spent two hours creating this amazing London themed design. It is even better than I imagined. I may only run London once so I’m certainly going to do it in style.


You can check out more of Alchemy Beauty’s incredible nail art on instagram, facebook and on the website.

To donate to my London Marathon fundraising for JDRF UK please visit my JustGiving page

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