Stretch and the City- Yoga in the Walkways @ Tower Bridge

Earlier this week i enjoyed a blissful start to the morning 42m above the River Thames at my first Yoga in the Walkways class.


I am trying to incorporate more active recovery into my marathon training and for me yoga is the perfect solution. It gives me the chance to focus on properly stretching out my muscles whilst giving me chance to de-stress from the chaos of daily life. I’m still very new to London and I’m enjoying taking in all the unique opportunities this wonderful city has to offer, so when I first heard of the Yoga in the Walkways classes I jumped at the chance.

After a 5:45am wake up call and tackling the DLR with my yoga mat I was beginning to question my life choices, but arriving at the venue I was absolutely blown away by the beautiful sunrise which was just cutting through the early morning haze. From the West Walkway we had a stunning view over the river, including the Shard, St Paul’s, The Gherkin and the Tower of London. It was fantastic to see the city I love from a new vantage point.

The class focused on gratitude and how every day is a gift. It reminded me how grateful I am for my health, my marathon training and those around me who support me. Our instructor Olivia guided us through various movements, including some partner work and I could really feel the tension in my muscles (particularly my hamstrings) easing. We spent some time observing the river below and utilising balance and flow to create water movements. The class ended with a period of relaxation in a position of your choice. I chose to lie face down on the glass and observe the hustle and bustle of daily life below. For someone who is terrified of heights this was such a big deal. Perhaps I was just super relaxed by the class, or just super tired from the early start (or maybe a combination of the two)! I watched the runners below and had that moment of realisation that in 60 days time that would be me. By the time I reach London bridge I would almost have run a half marathon.

I left the class feeling so relaxed and ready for the day ahead. Granted my zen feeling soon disappeared when I had to tackle the circle line in rush hour. Who knew yoga mats made such a great battering ram on the tube!


The Details

Class times: Wednesdays 7:30am and Saturdays 8:00 (I advise you arrive 25 minutes early to ensure you get a space on the glass and get used to the height!)

Duration: 50 minutes

Price: £25- tickets available here

What to bring: A yoga mat, some grippy socks for movements on the glass, water, your camera and some extra layers- i found it very chilly up there (it was 2 degrees outside!)