Marathon Training Weeks One and Two: Snowy New York City and a Grim Ten Miler

New Year kicked off with a new marathon training focus, a new plan and a trip to New York. I was excited to get into the swing of training for London, but with a much anticipated and eagerly awaited holiday to NYC, I knew the first week would just be a ‘do what I can’ kind of mileage.

New Years’ Day Parkrunning: starting 2018 as I intend to continue with a trip to one of my favourite parkruns: Southwark. I had been looking forward to trying my first ever parkrun double, however I had been feeling rotten all Christmas, so decided to take advantage of the 10:30am start and have a well deserved rest! Wiping the slate clean for 2018 I clocked up a speedy 23 minute 5km, with breaking back into the 22 minute barrier firmly in my sights for 2018.

Exploring New York: upon our arrival in New York we were greeted by sub-zero temperatures and extreme snowfall. I laced up my trail shoes and headed to Central Park. Such a wonderful place to run, but truly magical in the snow. Unfortunately this was my only time running in Central Park this trip as my planned 5 mile race was cancelled due to extreme cold.

Another running highlight of the trip was a 5 mile jaunt across the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges at sunrise. Despite the -16 temperatures, we soon got warm and enjoyed spectacular views as the early morning sunlight hit the metropolis of Manhattan. We were the only souls brave enough to run the Brooklyn Bridge that morning!


As the weather improved I managed to sneak in two final morning runs of 6km and 8km along the Hudson from Canal Street towards Battery Park taking in the sights of Downtown including One World Trade Centre, The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

You can read more about our time in New York, including lots of non-running adventures in my upcoming blog!

Parkrun pacing with the ASICS FrontRunner team: being back in the UK meant back to parkrun (it also meant back to work, but lets pretend that didn’t happen). Now ready to get back into the swing of things I headed to Southwark Parkrun with Jon, Hannah and Liam where we joined in the monthly pacing. A great time was had by all and some of the runners got some fantastic and very well deserved PBs! We finished the morning with a good catch up over coffee and hot chocolate at the Lodge Space.


A grim, jetlagged 10 miler: The plan said 10 miles, the goal was 10 miles. It took all my effort to get out that morning. Jet lag is really cruel and I’ve struggled so badly the past 10 days. This was one of those putting one foot in front of the other runs and even that was a struggle. I was so close to giving up but I was in one of those moods where if I hadn’t tried I would have just spiralled into a pit of self-doubt and been super grumpy all day. It was a pleasant surprise after what felt like an eternity to realise that I had just ran a sub 1 hour 30 10 miles. Even on very tired legs there is progress to be seen.

Sprinting with DASH: ah track, such a love hate relationship. I’m disasterously bad when it comes to track and avoid it at all costs. Yes, I know it is going to improve my running but, it doesn’t make me happy. That was until I tried a session with Dash. I went along to one of the sprint taster sessions and had a blast. Sprinting is a whole different ball game: explosivity; flexed feet and fast arms, but under the watchful eye of their sprint trained coaches we learned the basic tricks of the trade for faster running. Fingers crossed this marks a whole new journey with track sessions for me!


Credit: Anna Rachel Photography

7km mid-week run with TRIBE: I don’t usually get outdoor mid-week runs ,as I really don’t like the thought of going out on my own in the dark, so it was great to get a session in with the TRIBE running group. We did a 7km run with some exercises (oh the lunges were cruel!). It was also wonderful to catch up with Hannah again- chatty miles fly by!

This is just a snippet of the first two weeks of my training for the London Marathon. There has been a few other runs and strength sessions thrown in for good measure. I’m running the marathon on behalf of JDRF who raise money to support Type 1 diabetes sufferers and their families, as well as funding vital research to help better understand this cruel disease. If you would like to know more or to donate to my fundraising efforts please follow this link. Anything you can spare is very gratefully received.

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