Christmas gifts for the runner in your life

Christmas is a time for giving and sharing, whether thats friends, family, colleagues or yourself (totally acceptable haha!). For those of you looking for some running themed inspiration for a fitness addict in you life, look no further…. below I have compiled a quick list of running related gifts, all of which will definitely make you the most popular person this Christmas! No more novelty socks…. unless of course they are compression socks duh!

For the runner who is always out and about: Run Angel wearable safety device
Absolutely perfect for a loved one. I swear by this product when running alone, it has given me the confidence to explore new locations, knowing that should I ever feel frightened or threatened I can hit the alarm and send out a 120 decibel alarm and an SOS LED warning beacon. The activation button also sends a message to your nominated guardians. It is a gift that gives back really, giving both piece of mind to your loved one and you when they are out and about getting the miles in. This is my partner’s top present pick, for the reasons listed above.


For the snacker: Chia Charge energy and endurance bars
These are perfect for snacking on before or after a race or during a long run and are an essential part of my race day kit. I tend to eat one of the large flapjacks before a race and I’ve had some incredible PB times since I started doing this. The smaller bars are perfect for a quick snack on a long run- those of you who are always hungry know how essential this is! You can pick up a variety sample pack online for £10. Additionally if you sign up to the newsletter you can get an extra 10% off. Pick them up online at 


For the run commuter, lunch time runner, or beauty queen: Sport FX makeup
Since discovering Sport FX makeup my fear of horrendous race photos has been somewhat alleviated! Wearing makeup when exercising is a personal choice, some people prefer not to, whilst some people would rather wear some, there is nothing wrong with either opinion. For me, I don’t wear a great deal of makeup on a daily basis, but I do like some light coverage- a bit like putting my game face on. I love Sport FX because it lasts, feels light on your skin and I’ve never had a reaction to any of the products (I have very sensitive skin). I highly recommend the BB cream- I use this daily, it survives the sweaty tube commute and gives me so much confidence when running. The best bit is it is cruelty free- no bunnies were harmed in the production or testing of the products. You can browse the ever growing collection at 

For the running shoe junkie: personalised shoes
Trail shoes: they’ve got them. Road shoes: they’ve got 8 pairs in 8 different colours. Speed shoes: yes. We all know someone who has ALL the shoes. So give them something unique, something they don’t already had and make them feel a million dollars in the process: personalised shoes. I’m absolutely in love with my ASICS Gel Kenuns which have been personalised by Pro-Direct running.

For the race addict: a virtual race
Racing offers a chance to push yourself and the satisfaction of being rewarded with a medal at the end. Not everyone can get out to races, often the timings don’t work or some people are nervous at the thought of the large organised events. Virtual races offer a perfect, flexible way to experience the mental determination of a race and pick up some shiny new race bling to feel proud of. You can run a virtual race anywhere, anytime, with whoever you like and whatever pace you want. Women’s running, Virtual Runner UK and Virtual Run Events all offer fantastic virtual races to keep the runner in your life busy!

For the Parkrunner: the Parkrun apricot collection and wearable barcodes
Parkrun is an international running movement providing safe, timed, 5k events in numerous locations around the globe at 9am on Saturday morning. Most importantly, these are free- thus making running accessible to all, from those who come to walk 5k , families with children, new runners and the determined speedsters trying to break that 5k PB. Parkrun Apricot t-shirts and vests are worn with pride, and great for those doing a bit of Parkrun tourism. What is even better is all profits from the collection go towards funding Parkrun to ensure these events stay free forever. A fantastic investment!

Additionally you can purchase rubber parkrun barcode wristbands. These are fantastic. This is one of my favourite running purchases and I highly recommend it. Speaking as both a runner and a barcode scanner the wristbands are fantastic and mean you don’t have to carry a soggy, sweaty barcode round with you, or even worse run an incredible time and realise your barcode slipped out of your pocket on the course and you can’t bask in the glory of the post run email or work towards a milestone!


For the runner taking on new challenges: shoe tags
Shoe tags are perfect for the sentimental runner in your life or one taking on new challenges. Show your love and support with a personalised shoe tag that slots into the laces of their favourite shoes. Personalise them with a motivating phrase or loving words and every time they look down they will know you’re there with them! You can pick up some gorgeous designs from Etsy. I’m in love with these from Maisie Moo personalised gifts! 


For the running bookworm: Running books and magazine subscriptions
Runners talk about running A LOT. Best way to claim back some peace and quiet? Occupy them with lots of lovely running literature.

There is a wealth of running literature out there. From how to guides, to personal accounts, to adventure writing. Begin with some of the big best sellers such as Running the smoke by Michael McEwan, This Mum Runs by Jo Pavey and the Pants of Perspective by Anna McNuff.

Magazine subscriptions are also a great gift for the run addict in your life. These help your runner stay up to date throughout the year and are perfect for some binge reading on the commute, on holiday or when taking some time off from running.


For the techie: a running watch
My running watch has been one of the best purchases I have made. My running has come on leaps and bounds and I’m able to track my progress using my watch. I swear by my Garmin forerunner 235 (which at the point of writing this blog are on offer on amazon!) As this is at the pricier end of the gift giving scale always check the reviews online, consider what type of runner your gift recipient is (runner, tri-athlete) and what they would want from a watch.
For the planner: a running journal or diary
Running journals/ diaries are a great way to keep track of progress, formulate training plans and book in all important races. You can find a wide collection on amazon.

For the charity runner in your life: donate to a just giving page
Christmas is about giving, and I couldn’t overlook the importance of giving to charity. If the runner in your life is fundraising for a run, then donating to their just giving page is the perfect way to spread some festive cheer, dig deep and be as generous as funds allow.
Hint Hint…..anyone wishing to donate to my London Marathon page for JDRF can do so here: 
So there you have it, a quick selection of gifts for the running addict in your life! Outdo Santa this year and get yourself some major brownie points whilst doing so!
Lots of festive love

Becca xo